The Mission:

"Activating people for a HUNGER-FREE world!"

The Commitment:

"Trash Butler is Doing Something About It"
"When YOU Partner with Trash Butler, You Can To!"
"Together WE Can Change This" "Together WE Will Change This"

How can our company help move the world?

Trash Butler has partnered with Feeding Children Everywhere to help bring an end to child hunger here in U.S. as well as around the world!


How can we make a difference?

1 in 4 Kids in U.S. Struggles with Hunger. Every meal makes a difference. When you invite Trash Butler into your community you're also helping to feed thousands of hungry people across the world.


What does this look like?

Trash Butler has made a pledge to donate one meal per month for every unit (door) that we service. Example: By partnering with a typical 300 unit community, that equates to 300 meals a month or 3600 meals annually!

As a special "Thank You", Trash Butler will recognize your community's contribution in this effort with a certificate of recognition to be displayed for all to see!