It's as easy as...

1. Drop loose recyclables in your bin

2.Place bin outside your door
For collection

3.Our Butlers will dispose of it in the
Proper recycling container

Please recycle CLEAN bottles, cans, paper, and cardboard

We understand the time, effort, and care that goes into recycling. We are not here to make it difficult, simply to help you make it count.If you received one of these, it’s not a bad thing. We know how important recycling is and this is our way of partnering with you to ensure it makes the greatest impact.

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Recycling 101

The following items are considered contaminants and can cause an entire load of recycling to be rejected by the processing center and result in it being redirected to the landfill.

Plastic Bags – are not recyclable through your local processing centers because they jam their machines. These can be recycled by delivering them to participating grocery stores

Flexible Packaging – includes many of your prepackaging materials such as: Plastic wrap/film, Foam

Glass – is not accepted in all cities, if this box is checked, it's because provider does not currently recycle glass.

Liquids - when liquids soil paper and cardboard materials they are no longer recyclable unless used in composting.

Food – it is important to make sure all food is emptied out of recyclables

Wax cups/products – many of the wax cups and products used at fast food restaurants

Regular Trash – placing regular trash in the wrong bin is a common mistake.