Trash-Butler™ is the revolutionary doorstep waste and recycling company for multi-family communities. Our clean cut, uniformed Trash-Butlers® will maintain the cleanliness of your community while picking up bagged trash and recyclables 5 nights per week from your residents door.

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Trash Butler helps us maintain the appearance of our community ensuring the first impression future residents have of our property is the RIGHT ONE!

Trash Butler and the amenities they provide, have been a great value-added service for our current residents as well. Pet Stations, Recycling, and Bulk Trash Removal are few of the additional services that improve our communities' curb appeal.

"Above and Beyond" is the best way to describe Trash Butler's customer service! Tarik and Danny (our Butlers) are well known, recognized and loved by our residents. Our BUTLERS have become a part of our community!

Alicia Perez
Avesta Madeira Grove / Avesta Northridge


September 12, 2018
Tampa, FL

“Great service, great company, always willing to help and go above and beyond, could not be happier with them” 10/10

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Olivia • Tampa, FL
September 12, 2018
Clearwater, FL

“Love this service! I don’t know how I could ever live in an apartment or condo without Trash Butler again. No more walking the trash out since I never put it on top of my car for fear of scratching the finish, or inside for fear of it leaking. Next time I move, whether or not the place uses this service will be a major deciding factor for me!” 10/10

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Brandon • Clearwater, FL
September 12, 2018
St Pete, FL

“This service is fantastic I absolutely hated taking my trash downstairs then putting it on the trunk of my car to take it to the dumpster. I now can easily put it right outside my front door and it disappears thanks to my own trash Butler dude. Why have food and groceries conveniently delivered to your front door but then have to take the smelly messy trash out??? Makes no senses to me either. Love the service guys. Keep up the good work.” 10/10

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Drew • St Pete, FL



  • Reduce maintenance payroll and increase maintenance efficiencies.
  • Increase property asset value by adding a new revenue stream.
  • Improve the community’s aesthetic curbside appeal.
  • Tackle on-site trash issues. No trash is left out during leasing hours.
  • Social Responsibility (through Feeding Children Everywhere Partnership)
  • Provides the property a competitive advantage over other communities.
  • Dumpster areas are cleaned nightly/daily.


  • Pay for Performance model for our Butlers and District Manager insures un-matched service level and satisfaction.
  • Partnership with College H.U.N.K.S. for Move-Ins & Move-Outs, plus bulk trash removal.
  • Increased maintenance efficiencies – staff can focus on other resident satisfaction and customer service issues instead of trash.
  • Increased net operating income (NOI) by providing positive cash flow with no start-up investment.
  • Improves resident acquisition, retention and satisfaction.
  • Dedicated and Consistent Team servicing your community.
  • No Trash Left Behind- Butlers are trained from the “Property Management Perspective”
  • Transparent daily communication/alerts and tracking customized on individual community basis through our on-line app


  • Green- Offers residents an eco-friendly environment and an opportunity for a greener lifestyle
  • Convenient-Our 5 night per week doorstep service saves residents the time and hassle of having to carry their trash through the community to the dumpsters/compactors.
  • Safe-Our doorstep service helps keep residents safe by eliminating late night trips to the dumpster and being another set of eyes watching over the community and deterring potential crime.
  • Practical-One of the most desirable and frequently used amenities with residents utilizing the service 5 nights per week

We can do much more than just porter trash. Find out about our Junk Removal and Moving services through our partner company College Hunks Hauling Junk.

The Trashbutler “Trash Bin”

Our sturdy Hefty made bin with a pivot lit holds one 13 gallon plastic trash bag.

The trash bin is designed to be utilized indoors and can be brought outside for collection at scheduled pick-up times. They are available in Black & Silver

Garden Deck Box

Our versatile Garden Deck Box is designed for maximum flexibility in any and every environment. Easley complements most communities that prefer to utilize the “outdoor” trash bin perspective. Offering a storage capacity of 22 gal., the unit is portable, and is sturdy enough to withstand all kinds of weather thanks to its unique, stay-dry design. Durable resin construction allows for year-round use and easy maintenance. Available in Espresso Brown & Beige.

*Custom Bin Options Available*