Servicing Multi-Family Communities, Student Housing Complexes,
Adult Living Facilities and Condominium Associations
across the entire United States

Voted #1 amenity by multi-family residents. Here is why:

No more lugging garbage down the stairs!

No more dealing with smelly, dirty overflowing dumpsters!

No more shuttling trash in or on top of your car!

No more potentially unsafe night-time walks to dumpsters.

No more disputes about whose turn it is to go to the dumpster!

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A clean community = Happy residents

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As a Community Manager, one of the biggest frustrations with vendors is the lack of dependability. Finding a partner like Trash Butler who is accountable, reliable and takes "ownership" in their work is not an easy task.Steve, at Trash Butler is pro-active, quick to follow through, and has a special way of resolving issues that makes us feel as if he and our "Butlers" are actually part of our community.

The Trash Butler Team always goes above and beyond!

I am extremely happy with our partnership.

Brigitte Nelson-Palmer
Avesta Bay Crossing

Benefits & Values

For Communities…

  • Reduce maintenance payroll and increase maintenance efficiencies.

  • Increase property asset value by adding a new revenue stream.

  • Improve the community’s aesthetic curbside appeal.

  • Tackle on-site trash issues. No trash is left out during leasing hours.

  • Social Responsibility (through Feeding Children Everywhere Partnership)

  • Provides the property a competitive advantage over other communities.

  • Dumpster areas are cleaned nightly/daily.

For Property Managers and Maintenance Staff…

  • Pay for Performance model for our Butlers and District Manager insures un-matched service level and satisfaction.

  • Partnership with College H.U.N.K.S. for Move-Ins & Move-Outs, plus bulk trash removal.

  • Increased maintenance efficiencies – staff can focus on other resident satisfaction and customer service issues instead of trash.

  • Increased net operating income (NOI) by providing positive cash flow with no start-up investment.

  • Improves resident acquisition, retention and satisfaction.

  • Dedicated and Consistent Team servicing your community.

  • No Trash Left Behind- Butlers are trained from the “Property Management Perspective”

  • Transparent daily communication/alerts and tracking customized on individual community basis through our on-line app

For Residents…

  • Green- Offers residents an eco-friendly environment and an opportunity for a greener lifestyle

  • Convenient-Our 5 night per week doorstep service saves residents the time and hassle of having to carry their trash through the community to the dumpsters/compactors.

  • Safe-Our doorstep service helps keep residents safe by eliminating late night trips to the dumpster and being another set of eyes watching over the community and deterring potential crime .

  • Practical-One of the most desirable and frequently used amenities with residents utilizing the service 5 nights per week